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L’armour – The Armoured Heart

Stuart Melrose – the artist behind the sculpture reveals the thinking behind the design: 

‘When speaking to Stuart and Amanda Stephens about what things Olly liked, one of those things was a Bearded Dragon, and the other a Pokemon character that was a dragon.’

‘I started looking at both of these and particularly the skin of the bearded dragon and then ‘dragon scale’ armour. It looked beautiful as well as being protective and I loved the way armour was something totally used in protection and was not weaponised at all.’

‘I started to think what could we armour to protect us and our children and the Armoured Heart came to mind. To protect you and all around from any pain.’

Augmented Reality [AR]

There is an Augmented Reality feature as part of the sculpture.

To install Adobe Aero and access the AR, follow this link:

Then you scan the logo on the info board and the hearts should appear like the video on the left.

The artist – Stuart Melrose

Stuart is a local artist. Find out more about him here: