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If you don’t feel safe, or are worried about someone else, the best thing you can do is talk to someone – your parents, teachers, other adults, the police.

Carrying a knife will not make you safe – it will make it more likely for a dangerous situation to happen, putting you and others at risk.

There is no protection from the law if you carry a knife in self-defence. It is still an offence and you can be arrested.

There are serious consequences for even carrying a knife, even worse if you use it in a crime. You could be seriously hurt or could harm someone else. You could end up in prison.

There are knife bins where you can safely throw away a knife or weapon. No questions asked. These bins are entirely free, no questions are asked and you do not need to speak to anyone or leave any detail

Quick action could save a life or prevent crime:

If you have information about someone who may carry a knife or is involved in crime, if you are worried about a friend, if you know something about a crime that has happened or may happen in the future – tell someone. It may save a life.
In an emergency always call 999 and ask for the police. It is an emergency if there is a risk of a situation getting out of control and someone getting hurt, or if there is a crime taking place or about to. Calling 999 will get the fastest response from the police and other emergency services such as the ambulance service.
Thames Valley Police will support you if you share information or report a crime. If it is not an emergency, you can either call 101, the non-emergency number for the police to report your concerns. Or, you can report a crime or share information where it is not an emergency online.

Keeping your identity secret:

If you want to share information without anyone knowing who you are, use Fearless. 100% anonymous. Always. is independent and is not the police. It is a safe way to give information without having to give your name or any personal details. There is no way to trace your phone number, email or internet IP address.

Help and support:

Stories from those whose lives have been affected by knife crime:

Ben Kinsella Trust

Looking for direction?
Get tailored mental health and wellbeing resources for local support services in Reading and the surrounding areas: No. 5 signposting website.

Arsenal FC and Adidas ‘No More Red campaign.

Violence often starts with words. It can be prevented by them too. I Am Greater