Reading Amnesty Art



The ‘Armoured Heart’ sculpture was created by artist Stuart Melrose with the help of young people from Reading.

The sculpture was installed in May 2023 as a symbol of hope and peace that would act as a catalyst for outreach and education on the risks and consequences of knife crime.

Explore the links for information, resources and services to help you stay safe, well, and to achieve.

Links to help you know more about where you can get help if you have been affected by youth violence.

How to access the AR [Augmented Reality] features at the sculpture, and more about the artist Stuart Melrose.

The story behind the sculpture, those involved and gallery of the project.

‘My main take away – not to mess with knives! Don’t carry or get involved with them.
It’s not cool.’

Young person involved in project.

We have Incorporated reclaimed weapons from amnesty bins in the sculpture.

Where are the knife bins? 

Knife bins are a secure place to dispose of knives or other weapons such as knuckle-dusters. If you have a weapon, you can place it in the bin and it will be safely collected and destroyed so it cannot be used to hurt someone or in a crime.

You can find a bin in: The front reception area of Reading police station. You do not need to speak to anyone to use the bin. No questions are asked and no details taken.

There are also knife bins in these public spaces:

  • Outside the public toilets in the Waitrose supermarket car park, Caversham
  • Cintra Park
  • Coley Park Community Centre
  • Kensington Park
  • Orts Road
  • Tilehurst Triangle


If you have a sword, firearm or other large weapon these should not be placed in knife bins. Contact the police non-emergency number 101 to arrange for a safe collection and disposal.


The installation of the sculpture is an inspiration for us all to work together to make a safer Reading.

If you have an idea on how we can educate, deliver outreach or activities which help tackle knife crime and help keep people safe, or if you deliver a service or activity for young people, send an email to: